Bagology (noun.) – the science and study of how a bag is carried and, along with its design, how the contents of that bag are an expression and reflection of the carrier’s unique personality. This dates from the 1940s.


Bagologist (noun.) – an expert in the field of bagology . Qualifications needed: a purist love of bags that feeds the desire to seek and collect unique bags to be worn as an expression of one’s true individuality. First coined in 2018.

AzzellA – ‘bags for bagologists,’ is an idea which was sparked in the flames, and has flourished from the ashes, of a fierce fire. 


Even before I had the term to describe it I always loved being a true ‘bagologist,’ collecting and obsessing over beautiful and unique bags from an early age. Vintage; tribal; designer: the more original the better.  


Indulging in this passion and collecting bags from my travels led to an eclectic personal collection being curated day by day, year on year. From Paris to the Pacific, Brixton to Bali, my journey as a ‘bagologist’ has known no borders. Existing hand in hand with this: my passion for hunting down rare pieces of tribal jewellery and vintage textiles either to be worn or displayed as artworks at home.


In 2013 the universe set me on a different path when this treasured collection was destroyed in the fierce flames of a furious house fire, leaving behind only the smouldering  scorched debris and ashes of our home. In the wake of this devastation I left London and headed to the deserts of Rajasthan in Northern India to reflect and recover. 


It was in India that the earth tones of the desert, the expansive sky and the horizon dotted with the jewelled colours of saris and turbans soothed my soul and sparked an idea. The abundance of vibrant textiles and stunning jewels inspired me to create a new collection of individual and unique bags, blending all the elements in my irreplaceable personal collection.


You will see the references to the desert cities in the earth toned leather and bright linings. The unique and timeless jewel adornments on each bag celebrate the shining light of women and honour the essence of our resilience, shared experiences and creativity.   


And so AzzellA was born: from the ashes of destruction; a homage to the past looking towards/ the eternal connections of our global tribe .